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February 26, 2009


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Bo Lorentzen

Thank you for the kind comment Sir,

Im pretty sure the Epson RD1 use the same 6 Megapixel Sony CCD sensor found in the Nikon D-70, there is no special treatment of the sensor to work with M lenses (as far as I know) and this results in some vignetting, though not as pronounced as with the M8 because of the bigger crop factor.

Still the RD1 should cost more than a Canon Rebel, simply because the production numbers probably is 1 to 100. There is a enormous engineering cost to be carried by each digital rangefinder because there are so few of us who actually purchase one.

SS Marsh

Great work Bo. Finally someone brings some facts to the table!

I think this may also shed some light on why the R-D1x may remain 'expensive' in the market. Although the crop of the sensor would indicate a slighter angle of light traveling to the outer corners of the sensor it is still not as simple to refer to the R-D1x's 6mp sensor as being 'off the shelf' given the image optimizing that the micro lenses must do.

But I digress... Thanks for your work.

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