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April 20, 2009


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You are so right about the cost of high res scans. The price jumps to the point where it pays off to buy a scanner. Even low res scans add up. I just spent $150.00 to scan some old slides and that could have put a dent in the overall price of a scanner.


Nice review. Thanks for doing it for us.

Charles Maclauchlan

Just found your page and am enjoying it very much. In the for what it's worth department, I have been having my Ektar 100 developed and scanned by North Coast Photo Services in CA. For an additional $12.00 they give me a high rez scan of my negatives. The scans are a bit over 27MP on my xPan images so I would guess 35mm frame would be about half of that.

I have an Epson V700 scanner which does a nice job but frankly my Silverfast software hasn't worked for me since I updated it. The frustrations with the software and their customer support was putting me off film so I decided an extra $12.00 was worth it to me.

Charles Maclauchlan


Also interesting is the Epson V750-M Pro scanner. I have still a large amount of 4x5" and 120 film in the archive.

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