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January 23, 2009


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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Achim, unfortunately we have not been making these the last maybe 5 years,



Are you still selling these templates? Would be interested to buy one!


Are you still offering coding templates?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Philip, unfortunately not, I got tired of wasting my time cutting and mailing them only to have morons tell me the template did not work and ask for a refund on PayPal. just dont have time for this. :-)

Philip Thomas

Are these still available? Thank you

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Gels, you need to scale the image so that it become the dimension before printing, try a couple times until you get it right, with the right scale you can use the jpg printed to mark the codes on your lens.
I dont supply the templates anymore as too many boneheads figured it was funny to cancel payment on $5 items. I made them as a public service and its simply not worth my time seeing if I may or may not get paid.


Hi, Does anyone have any current links to where I might get a template or a code kit? MatchTect is not supplying them anymore and the jpeg template is massive when printed (i might be doing something wrong though). I'd really like to have a go at coding my voigtlanders but not having much joy. most of the posts seem quite old. Any help with this is greatly appreciated.
All the best



Thanks for the stencil, worked perfectly on my Nokton 50mm f1.1 and 35mm f1.4, Elmar 90mm f4, also on my Zeiss 28mm f2.8. However, on my Summicron-C 40mm f2.0 the screw is right where the sharpie mark goes and did not work so well. I'll try to fill the screw countersink with white or clear nail polish flush to the flange.


Hi Bo,
Just received my template today--works like a charm on my 50/2 'Cron and 35/2.8 Summaron. Thanks!
- Jan, Cph, Denmark


Just ordered mine! I can't wait!


Hi Bo,

Just ordered the template for my M8 shipped in France. Thx.


Taufan Dalijono

Hi Bo,
I've just ordered a template to be delivered to Berlin, Germany.



thanks for the fast delivery. works very well!

David Lee

Hi Bo,

I have just ordered one for my M9. Thanks



Hi Bo,

Just ordered the template for my M8. Thx.


van loi CABROL

Hi Bo,

I've just ordered the template, I don't quite understand your explanation, but I just want to precise it's for a M9 body.

Sincerely, vl Cabrol

Loic Sans

Hi Bo,
I've just ordered a template to be delivered in London, UK.
Could you let me know when you shipped it.


Matthew Chu

Hi Bo,
I have just ordered the template from you. However, the M-lens code website (http://whimster-photography.com/leica_m_lens_codes/index.html) does not seem to be available. I have tried for the last couple of days. Do you know of anywhere else I can get the code for M-lenses. Thanks for your help.



Hi, I've already paid a Paypal to send it to me Valencia Spain. I'll tell you how it goes. Please send it soon.


Hi Bo. Just received the template over here in Blighty (england :).

Incredible !! This thing actually works. So simple, yet so effective.

Have coded a CV 35mm f2.5 Skopar II and a Jupiter 8 50mm f2 with M-Adapter. No problems whatsoever.

Good to hear they're selling like `hot cakes`.



Hi Bo,
Just ordered the template. i have been trying to find the list of actual codes for the lenses-whimster site doesn't open. Do you have the list or suggest where I can find the list? Thanks, Martin


Hi Bo,

I'm in Australia and just ordered one.



sheikh rizuan

Hi Bo,

I just ordered the template to Malaysia
looking forward to code it to my lenses



Got it today, thanks -- works great!


Hi Bo, just placed an order for international shipment to Qatar!

Can't wait!




Hi, Just to let you know I used your template for direct adhesive paper for my old lenses on my M9 and... it works !! :oD
Thanks for sharing your vector based file, I figured a way to import it to Illustrator and filled the blacks to code my own lenses.
I don't know if it will last long, first try !




Hi Bo,

Just wanted to check the shipping status of the coder that I've ordered on Feb 10 to be shipped to Hong Kong.


Christian Lindberg

Hi ! I just ordered one template to Sweden !
Keep up the good work!

Christian Lindberg

Eric Kad.

Hi Bob,
The coder arrived in France.

Thank you.



Hi Bo,

Just received one. It looks nice. Thanks for the fast delivery.
I will try it later on Zeiss 21/f4.5 and Voigtlander 50/f1.1.
Guess the 6-bit codes should be 000001 and 011111 ?

Regards and Merry Xmas.


Bob Mackay

I have an early 35 mm summicron, because the screw refered to elsewhere in this forum is in line with the code reader on the M8.2 Leica advised me that it can not be coded. I tried using the coder kit on my 50mm lens, for use with a fairly late M8.2,the fit seems so tight that the coding only lasts for 1 maybe 2 attatchments to the camera even using a black enamal finger nail polish, so I gave up before damaging the camera coding unit.

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Joe,

I have a lens like that, at first I could not make it work, but then I sacrificed a good new medium sharpie, and simply pushed the pen tip into the screw, the trick were to fill ink in all the screw lines and the ring around it, so I pushed the fibers so they became like a paintbrush... the lens work now. :-) I am not sure that will work for everybody, but it worked on my 75lux and also on a cv 35mm 2.5

The problem seems to be that there is a little bright spot somewhere in the screw, the leica sensor is very sensitive for any reflection of the IR signal, a little damage to the paint and it will not work. NOTE, the M9 seems to be MORE sensitive, with the M9 you really gotta go back and paint all the marks again a second time on top, carefully to get perfect function.



Hi Bo, I purchased your coder a couple of months back (had a friend purchase it for me). It worked for my Voigtlander 15 M-mount, but
I'm having a lot of trouble coding my Leica 35 Summicron Pre-asph. There's a screw at the place where I need to put the 2 marks, and I think that might be the problem?

I'm not sure if you've had experience coding this particular lens. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Chris Simonsen

Just ordered one, so stoked on finding a nice alternative to sending it in to a Leica dealer! Cheers from Norway!

Bo Lorentzen

Hello YPC,

I have just added a paypal link for international. See above.


Yow Peng-chee

Hi Bo,

I am in Singapore and wish to buy one from you. Please let me know the total cost including international air mail charges.



Hi, how long does delivery usually take? I'm in San Francisco and need to have it by the 9th. Hope to hear back!

dan valente

hey I just sent you paypal for one of your encoder cutouts. That's awesome! I just purchased a pre-asph 28mm elmarit and going to self-code it for my M*

Karel Swinnen

Hi Bo,

how much would you charge for the m8 coder to send to Belgium?

best regards

Markus Puustinen

I would like to get one shipped to Finland. Is $6 enough?

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Petur,

The template is really small and is shipped in a regular envelope with a piece of cardboard for protection, PayPal me $6

REMEMBER - avoid the "fine-point" sharpie and stick to the traditional one as it make a more juicy mark.


Pétur Geir

Hello Bo, I want to buy one of these but I live in Iceland. Would you ship there and how much would that cost extra?


Franc de Vocht

Hi Bo,
I would like to order your M8 coder.
If I use the Buy Now button I can pay with paypal.
However, I live in The Netherlands - should I not add shipping costs?

Howie Feller

I just ordered the template from you.. My exacto days are long over!

tks, howie

Howie Feller

Hey Bo... when i print out those jpg's the size is bigger in the cutout than the lens... trying to code the CV 35 f2.5 sokpar PII. Thanks, Howie

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Mark,

You are the first to have a problem with one of these, Im sending you replacement right away, no need to order another.

Thank you for the feedback.


Mark Blumer


I received the stencils that you sent me. One did not work the other worked perfectly on my CV 35mm f/1.4. Thank you very much. Since they are delicate the way you make them, I am going to order another pair to hold for the occasion of my next non-Leica lens; probably a Zeiss 50 planar.

Thanks again,

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