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May 28, 2009


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Matt Dunn

Hi Bo,

Just ordered the template. Can you include a few stickers? I have the Zeiss Sonnar 50 ZM and the Zeiss 25mm ZM and use both with a Leica M9.



I just ordered your M8 coder via Paypal, and then saw this post! I'm trying to code a Zeiss 50/2 and the CV 35/1.4. Is it possible to change my order? --Oz

Bo Lorentzen


After testing the stickers did not make any sense, they wear off and get dirty, you are better off with a sharpie and a template which can be used lots of times.


Duane Middlebrook


Do you have these stickers for Zeiss/CV lenses for sale yet? I don't see an order link.

Best regards,

peter bisgaard

Hi Bo.
If any stickers left for CV 15/4,5 & Nokton 35/1,4 & 50/1,1 I would be pleased. Just placed an order 10 min. ago

best regards


Hello Bo,

Like the previous poster, I ordered a template and it would be great if you could include a few stickers as well. I have 3 non coded Zeiss lenses. Thanks!


Hello Bo,

I just ordered the template and was wondering if you put a couple of stickers in for me when you ship it over to Hong Kong.

I wanted to use it for a Leica 35mm and figure its easier to mark the sticker than to have pen marks on the lens. Thanks!

Bo Lorentzen

Lâm - I have some precut, remember they only work with the lenses with the coding groove. place a order for the template and I will stick a couple of stickers in the envelope.


Like a lot of people, I own a CV 15 f/4.5 and a nokton 35 f/1.4, would be nice to get the stickers for those !

Mike Beller

Bo's coder worked like a charm. Took less than a minute and in business with my CV 15 M.


Awesome stip... worked the first time.. my VC 15mm f4.5 M is now coded as a WAITE... Thanks Bo, Howie

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