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November 16, 2009


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Bo Lorentzen

Peter, You are right. there is no reason to upgrade if the M8 works for you, and honestly, it should work for 99% of the users just fine. the image from the M9 is like a M8 file, just expand the canvas to 5200pix wide. there is a few more changes but that is the main event.

I have been printing my M8 to 13x19 on my Epson all the time, those prints simply are outstanding, unless you work for a fashion magazine or need to make countless 24x36 inch images, you will never even miss the M9.

The M9 however is likely to rock the world of the MP shooters who really want the 24x36mm sensor, along with all the other M film hold-outs who was not happy with the M8 sensor, I think santa have landed for them.


Peter Mendelson

Thanks Bo for the excellent and practical review. As an M8 user who rarely prints my M8 files beyond 8x10 (sometimes at 13x19), it sounds like the M9 wouldn't really make sense for me since the M8 files are generally big enough for me and you say a cropped M9 shot is basically the same as if one had used an M8, correct? Since there don't appear to be dramatic improvements in high-ISO shots or dynamic range from what I have seen, it is hard to justify such an expensive upgrade for me.

I do wish Leica would update the firmware for the M8 to allow us to use the Protect button for ISO and to adjust EV quickly with the wheel, but I am not holding my breath.

Thanks again, Peter


Great review BO, thanks for the detail and images. Keep posting great results from this fine camera. Maybe that can tide me over until I can justify the purchase of one for myself. Until then, I will continue to check back for more!

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