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December 09, 2010


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Fernando Yovera

I need one "strong and flexible" black lens hood for the 40mm Sumicrom C f2 lens, please advise price and availability in the USA (Miami).


Fernando Yovera

brett goldsmith

Hi, do you sell these hoods for 28mm 2.8 zeiss?
Looks for a hood to use with this lens & Ricoh GXR

Bo Lorentzen

Mike, the one in the images is PVC, however I have been making them through ShapeWays using the black "strong and flexible" material. it have a bit of give. I will be uploading a new file for full-frame cameras as the one here was designed to be tight on the M8, it will vignet at 2.8 on a M6 or M9 *unless you shave about 4mm off the front.


Looks very workable, what material is it made from?

Mike UK


Am interested in one. Do you mail to Switzerland ?

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