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December 28, 2010


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Got your words, great work :) thanks for sharing

Bo Lorentzen

Ray, for some reason I had in my mind it was roughly half the real-estate, it appears I am wrong, I can only say 64megapixel equivalent.... WOW. Thanks for the update.



"Remember the GH2 have a sensor half the size of a full-frame, and for all intents and purposes the camera have twice the pixel density as my M9, that means "if" this was a full-frame sensor the GH2 would be packing roughly 32megapixels, this can only be noisy at any iso other than base iso, and it is."

The 35mm FF sensor is 4x the area of the 4/3 sensor, then, the "equivalent" GH2 FF sensor would be 64 megapixels.

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