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December 14, 2013


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I have a Galileo and a GoPro... Was looking for something to combine these two for a time lapse. Can't miss my iPhone for over 2 hours ;-) Planning to set it up with my iPad and the time-lapse app for the Galileo. Then just have it run in the test mode and set the GoPro on it's own time-lapse function.

So I just ordered your awesome adapter at shape ways :-)


Hey Bob, I used the Timelapse app where I simply preset the path I wanted it to take.
you can see me doing it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DW7qwyqyT8o
You can also use the airbeam app where you can move the camera by swiping with the finger on the iPhone screen. http://appologics.com/airbeam


Very nicely done. I have been wondering how to get a GoPro to work with my Galileo. I see you custom mount for the GoPro, but how do you control the Galileo with the GoPro in it? What app do you use to move it?

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