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August 16, 2008


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It would be nice if the Thais in the US supported nonThais living in Thailand. It's just hypocrisy that Thais in America FEEL like they aren't heard. What a joke. If you want respect start by treating American people in the country you still hold a passport,Thailand, to as equals. Stop the harrassment of foreigners in terms of 3 month 'checks' for those who have been living here for years and years. Allow a foreigner to buy a car without having to go to his embassy. Stop ripping off foreigners at national parks and other places by posting two prices - one for Thais and one for the others. That double pricing is what the racists did in the US in the past. Stop the hypocrisy Thai-Americans and Thais.

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Pedro, Actually I can appreciate your thoughts on being a foreigner in Thailand. But you should also remember that Thailand is NOT a democracy in the sense of a freely elected functioning government. If you are in the mode, may I suggest writing a guess post about living in Thailand for me.? (Be kind, there is a lot of great things about Thailand and the Thai people)

* now for what it is worth, this particular post was about Thai's living in the USA getting out and voting, I don't think they have any more ability to affect the Thai government than you and I do, even the King seem to have a hard time making them think straight.

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